Football connects people worldwide.

  • “FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency” strongly condemns any kind of xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, intolerance and hatred.
  • We despise political systems and organizations that disregard human rights and we despise those who ruthlessly enrich themselves from the people who have to leave their homeland in order to live freely and who condone their deaths.

  • People with fascist and right-wing extremist ideas are enemies of democracy and can therefore never be partners of “FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency”! Not today…..and not tomorrow…..never!    
  • We respect the different religious communities, but we reject players who identify with the ideas of terrorist organizations that abuse religions to justify terrorist attacks in the name of a God and use terror to force their ideologies on other people by spreading fear and terror want

Joachim Wyremba (CEO)


Joachim WYREMBA (CEO) 

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My name is Joachim WYREMBA. I am a German citizen and the CEO of “FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency”.


Employment details

  • From October 1974 to the summer of 1979 I studied Mathematics, Psychology, Technology and Sports in Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart.

  • In September 2011, I obtained my Players’ Agent License (License number: DFB00482) from DFB (Deutscher Fußball-Bund e.V.) in Frankfurt/Main as part of a written exam.

  • In August 2019 I founded  “FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency”.

FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency

The player does not incur any preliminary costs as a result of the activities of FC NORIS. The Players’ Agent Contract of FC NORIS strictly adheres to the specifications of FIFA.



You can contact me via the contact form on the website of “FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency” by e-mail.

Bertrand DJIENA (deputy.CEO) 


2023.12.13 II


Bertrand DJIENA has been working as a scout at FC NORIS – German Players’ Agency since July 30, 2021.

From January 1, 2024, he will hold the position of deputy managing director at FC NORIS.

Marlyse WYREMBA (GS) 

2022.05.02 Marlyse


Ms. Wyremba is General Secretary of “FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency”.

Her responsibilities include maintaining contact with the players.


Ms. Wyremba can be reached via the contact form on the homepage of “FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency” or by telephone at +237 687 07 27 97 (also WhatsApp).

Public Relations

Nestor KAMGA 

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Employment details
As a freelance journalist I work for television and radio stations.
My sporting specialty is Cameroonian football and especially the professional field.
Due to my many years of work as a sports journalist, I know the two professional leagues, MTN Elite One and MTN Elite Two, in Cameroon very well.


I make videos for FC NORIS in which the players have the opportunity to introduce themselves personally.
The videos are shown on Cameroonian television and can also be seen on the FC NORIS homepage in the player’s profile.
To do this, I record videos of the players in which the players can only be seen in scenes of a game.


I can be reached via phone number +237 696 43 32 20 (also WhatsApp) or via my email address:

Scouting Department

Head of Scouting Department “Cameroon”

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Position is not filled




Cameroon – Kumba

Telefon number and WhatsApp:

+237 – 679 72 12 28

e-mail adress:

2022.12.06 Godfrey 1


Nigeria – Abuja

 e-mail adress:

2023.07.13 Jabanj, Sheriff - 5-1

Sheriff JABANG

Gambia – Faraba-Kairaba

Telefon number and WhatsApp:

+227 – 88 32 00 45

e-mail adress: