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“FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency” is looking for employees worldwide.


It is an advantage if you have been an active player yourself, if you work / worked as a coach and are able to recognize the talent of a young player or to be able to assess the capabilities of a fully trained player very well.

We expect you to have good contacts with clubs and those responsible for these clubs.

The players we are looking for are under contract with clubs in the 1st or 2nd league in their country, are regular players and not reserve players.

Of great interest to us are players who play or have played internationally in the U17, U18, U19 and U20.

We also work with players who are trained in well-run academies. Players must be at least 16 years old and turn 17 at the end of the calendar year and 18 the following year.

The maximum age of a professional player should not be more than 26 years.

“FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency” accepts a player not exceeding 31 years of age if the player played in the national team and was last used in a game no more than six months ago.

We reject players who have a valid contract with a licensed player’s agent for technical reasons (FIFA regulations: ban on poaching).

If the player’s previous agent is an unlicensed agent, nothing stands in the way of a player agent contract with FC NORIS.


Please read carefully the section “About FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency”.


FC NORIS concludes a cooperation agreement with you in which the modalities of your payment in the case of the transfer of a player you have placed are bindingly regulated.

If you are interested in working with FC NORIS, we would be happy to receive a written application in which you briefly describe your current sporting résumé.

For your application, please use our contact form, which you will find under “Contact”.


Thank you for your effort and your interest.



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