(A)  FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency

  1. FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency, hereinafter referred to as “FC NORIS”, is, as the name suggests, a Players’ Agent Agency from Nuremberg in Germany.
  2. The employees of “FC NORIS” strictly observe the regulations of FIFA: “Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players” and the “Football Agent Regulations”.
  3. The management of “FC NORIS” consistently rejects actions and procedures by players and clubs that violate these rules. In principle, cooperation is not possible in the event of a violation or in a future planned violation of the regulations.

(B)  Working method and goals of “FC NORIS – German Players’ Agent Agency”

  1. “FC NORIS” concludes player agent contracts with players from African, European, North American, South and Central American leagues. For players from Arab and Asian leagues, there are restrictions on the playing strength of the countries in which the players are under contract with a club.
  2. “FC NORIS” does not maintain any contact with clubs in Arab countries or with clubs in Asia (AFC) – except for Japan and South Korea.
  3. “FC NORIS” places players with European clubs (UEFA), with clubs in the USA or Canada (CONCACAF) and with South American clubs in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay (CONMEBOL).
  4. “FC NORIS” requires its players to acquire knowledge of the English or German language.
  5. “FC NORIS” plans his future football career together with the player.
  6. “FC NORIS” expects the player to have a success-oriented way of thinking and the appropriate attitude towards his job as a professional soccer player.
  7. “FC NORIS” expects a player to always be ready to call on his full potential for his club.
  8. A call to the national team is his biggest goal.
  9. If “FC NORIS” receives an invitation from a club for a player to a trial training session, “FC NORIS” requires the player to telephone the inviting club and establish a first positive contact.
  10. If the player can conclude an employment contract with a club after passing a trial session, “FC NORIS” will in future expect the player to comply with this contract until it is fulfilled and not to intend to change with every supposedly better offer from another club.
  11. “FC NORIS” forces a change of club if the previous employer signals that he no longer wants to extend the player’s contract after it has expired.
  12. The player respects the contractual relationship with “FC NORIS” until the contract expires.

(C) Contracts with multiple Players’ Agents and use of forged documents

  1. Every player has the right to conclude player agency contracts with as many agents as he deems desirable.
  2. If a player has a valid players’ agent contract with another agent, it is not possible to conclude a contract with “FC NORIS”, even if the existing contract with the other agent were terminated prematurely.
  3. It is also not possible to conclude a Players’ Agent contract with “FC NORIS” if our research shows that the player has already changed agents several times. Loyalty to an agent is an important point for “FC NORIS”.
  4. “FC NORIS” requires players who wish to conclude a players’ agent contract with “FC NORIS” to provide a written, affidavit confirming the accuracy of the information they have provided, regarding their age, their identity and their footballing curriculum vitae.
  5. If the player uses forged identity documents – change of age, change of identity and/or a falsified football CV – it is impossible for “FC NORIS” to conclude a Players’ Agent contract with the player.
  6. We will prosecute any incorrect information intentionally provided by the player regarding his age, his identity and/or his footballing CV, which only becomes known after the contract with “FC NORIS” has been concluded and which the player intentionally withheld when signing the contract with “FC NORIS”. and report this occurrence to the current club, the national federation in which the player is eligible to play and the relevant confederation in whose area the player has a contract with a national club.
  7. The Players’ Agent contract concluded between “FC NORIS” and the player will be terminated immediately and without notice by “FC NORIS” in the event of a violation of points “1”, “2” or “3”.


                             FC NORIS

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