(A)  Who is “FC NORIS”

  1. “FC NORIS – German Player’s Agent Agency” is a player’s agent agency with headquarters in Douala / Cameroon and a branch office in Nuremberg / Germany.
  2. The employees of FC NORIS strictly adhere to the FIFA “Regulations governing the status and transfer of players” and the “Players’ mediation regulations” amended by FIFA on 1 April 2015
  3. Actions and procedures of players and clubs that violate these rules and regulations are consistently rejected by the management of FC NORIS.


(B)  Working method and goals of FC NORIS

  1. FC NORIS concludes player’s agent contracts with players from Europe and with players from African countries or with players of African descent who are already under contract to a non-African club in other confederations (AFC, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, UEFA but not OFC).
  2. FC NORIS deliberately has no contacts with clubs in Arab countries (AFC) nor with clubs in Asia (AFC) – except Japan and South Korea.
  3. FC NORIS only places players to European clubs (UEFA) and to clubs in the USA (CONCACAF).
  4. FC NORIS demands from its players that they acquire knowledge of English or German language.
  5. It is a fundamental requirement of FC NORIS that players “live and work” for football.
  6. FC NORIS is planning the future footballing career together with the player.
  7. FC NORIS expects from the player a decidedly success-oriented way of thinking and the appropriate attitude towards his profession.
  8. FC NORIS expects a player to be ready to use all his abilities to play in the best leagues in Europe. A call to the national team is his biggest goal.
  9. If FC NORIS receives an invitation for an offered player from a club to a trial session, FC NORIS requires the player to contact the inviting club by telephone to confirm that the invitation actually exists.
  10. If the player can conclude an employment contract with a club after a successful trial, FC NORIS expects the player to comply with this contract until fulfillment and not to have change intentions for each supposedly better offer.
  11. FC NORIS pushes for a change of club, if the previous employer signals that he does not want to extend the contract of the player after expiration or if FC NORIS has an offer from another club that gives the player a better sporting perspective. In this case, the previous club is also included in the considerations.
  12. The player pursues his career goal with diligence, dedication and humility.


(C)  FC NORIS will check all personal information of a player for correctness

  1. If the player uses forged identification documents and / or a falsified football CV, FC NORIS concludes a player’s agent contract with the player only if the player agrees in writing that his undistorted data may be officially used on the homepage of FC NORIS.
  2. If the player agrees to the use of his unadulterated, correct data in writing, a player’s agent contract with FC NORIS is possible to conclude.
  3. The player is always presented on the homepage of FC NORIS with his correct age and the actual career of his footballing life.
  4. If the player’s passport deviates from his actual age, the age as checked by FC NORIS and indicated on the FC NORIS homepage is deemed to be correct and therefore valid.
  5. FC NORIS requires a written statement from the player to make a declaration in lieu of an oath confirming the correctness of his statements regarding his age and curriculum vitae.
  6. Any player deliberately making false statements about age and / or footballing CV, which become known only after conclusion of the contract with FC NORIS and were concealed by the player when signing the contract with FC NORIS, will be prosecuted and reported to the current club, the national and international home association of the player and / or the national and international association in whose area the player has a contract of employment.
  7. The concluded player’s agent contract between FC NORIS and the player shall be terminated immediately by FC NORIS in such a case without notice.
  8. If a player has completely falsified his identity – changed names, changed date of birth – the conclusion of a player’s agent contract with FC NORIS is definitely not possible.